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OH, Jr.'s curricula can be used for classrooms or after-school extracurriculars.

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A selection of slides from Unit 0-Overview


Presentations are in Google Slide format and resources and templates are in Google Docs, in Google Drive.

Access granted by licensing.

There are 7 Units, plus a course overview for students and training materials for instructors.


Units have an array of supporting materials, including:

  • activities

  • examples

  • assessments and rubrics

  • in-presentation demo videos

  • video production forms (i.e., shot log, production schedule, releases)

  • templates (i.e., visual script, storyboards, ideation)

The curriculum also comes with a fully printable Production Handbook, with

  • camera techniques

  • audio recording techniques

  • shot basics

  • lighting techniques

  • set up for an in-person or online interview

Production Handbook 1stP.png

Ronen's Mixed-up Narrative Structure

Written and edited by Ronen (5th grade), this video is an example in the Narrative Structure Unit (2). To make this video, Ronen used the script-writing techniques from the Pre-Production Unit (5) and the video production techniques taught in the Post-Production Unit (7)

Ronen is the son of OH founder, Dana. He is the inspiration for OH, Jr., because he asked for instruction in video production. Ronen has a love of history and an interest in production.


Forthcoming Project

Placeholder for new OH, Jr. offerings to come!

Obscure Histories JR_LOGO_Black.png
Obscure Histories JR_LOGO_Color.png


Forthcoming Project

Placeholder for new OH, Jr. offerings to come!


HOW TO: Make a History Documentary

This first-of-its-kind, seven-part course takes an interdisciplinary and vocational approach. The student starts with "what is a history documentary?"  and continues through ideation, research, scriptwriting, and instruction in video editing.


OH, Jr. History Documentary Curriculum was created by video professionals, educators, and with the input of students. It is a brand new way to teach history and research writing alongside practical instruction in videography.

Design Book

OH, Jr. is currently being piloted in a Chicago school. Going forward, it will initially be limited to select partners who are interested in helping us Beta Test the curriculum. If you are interested in being part of the testing phase, please use the CONTACT form to connect with us. 

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